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16″ Foam Ball Typical Of The Hand Crafted Foam Balls We Have In Stock.

Welcome to Foam Ball Innovation Foam Balls Product Page.  We have too many sizes and options to list so if you don’t find what you’re looking for, please feel free to contact us at (770)869-3036 with any questions you may have or visit our Shape Innovation Ball List for more details.  Our Foam Balls are broken into 3 categories: 1 lb. Density (small to large), 1/2 lb. Density (small to medium), and 2 lb. Density (small).  The Foam Balls listed are kept in stock but we make available the hand crafted foam balls in all sizes up 6 feet (72″) and beyond.  Many of our foam balls have been used to build large scale solar systems as well as home and school projects.   Shipping is $12.00 MINIMUM when ordering by phone or fax and $13.98 MINIMUM when ordering online.  Please call for further shipping prices.   For your convenience we use Amazon for online ordering, which include additional fees Amazon charges for this convenience, or you can call us at (770)869-3036 for orders without the additional fees.